Stella’s Summer Diary week 2 continuing recovery

Summer 2018

Week 2 of Stella’s summer 2018


After Stella’s first Diary entry, Stella’s Summer Diary which as you can see was not a great week, Stella has recovered greatly, Strangely her appetite this week has been ravenous and her other end is more normal than it has been for a long while.

Three days of Promax was part of her recovery and i can only think this was part of her impressive recovery.

Saturday saw us walk over the Wick for the first time this summer

the wick

in among the buttercups

Week 2 of Stella’s Summer Diary

Stella is, I am pleased to say, stronger than ever. Even though I say so myself, she is in good shape for an almost thirteen year old Staffy.

Stella the weight loss aide

In my attempt to lose weight, again, and with the lighter evenings I am trying to walk Stella 3 miles plus every day, where my work allows.

Thanks to Stella’s assistance i have shed 6lbs in three weeks.

Back to Stella’s summer

As is say Stella is almost thirteen. But acts like she is still a 5 or 6 year old quite happily trotting next to me, the only give away of her age is her graying muzzle.

A lone crow watches us pass by

The lone watcher

A great pity for a Summer walk

Although i am not an environmental crusader it is a pity to think this expanse of the Wick may soon be gone. It is possible to lose your self for hours over there. Seeing a greatly biodiverse natural area going to be another casualty to the capitalists.

The only food she’ll tolerate

James Wellbeloved is Stella’s only dog food product that she can tolerate and as i say she seems to be eating everything we can put in front of her.

After my visit to the vets i discovered the potential that Stella may live into her twenties. If we are lucky, but then every day she is with us is a great bonus.


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