Stella’s Summer Diary Week 3 Back to the Vets

Back to the Vets


An ear full of problems

Hello again form Stella and I.

So the third week of Stella’s summer diary saw her back at the vets adding another £75 to the previous £75 earlier in may. This time it was her right ear, which already has a tight ear canal, and one look from the vets and we had her prescription for Posatex which always does what is needed, also a second prescription for Isoderm aa steroid cream for her outer ear.

I was surprised to be advised that a 4mg tablet of basic Piriton may help with Stella’s Allergies.

Stella’s change in diet

the wick

in among the buttercups

Stella has had another change in her diet, she seems to like Sardines which a friend introduced her to. I must say she devours her sardines voratiously but has begun turning her nose up at her ordinary Chicken dinner.

Stella and my weekly activity

I have kept up my plan of walking her around 5 miles per day, when work allows, which is keeping up my personal plan to complete 10000 steps per day also. Which has seen me lose 8 lb in four weeks. Stella seems to be benefiting from the activity as, for a thirteen year old Staff, everyone says what great shape she is in.

Fears for the future

Although Stella does seem to be in great shape the constant returns back to the Vet worry me. It is difficult to insure her with her previous ailments. Her regular visit every three months to get her glands expressed along with her on going ear problem etc etc make her to costly to insure. They would not pay out for on going problems which is not helpful and while i have no complaints at our vet, they do cost a lot of money per consultation.

Then i suppose anything worth having is worth investing in and Stella is my partner and I’s biggest comfort.




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