A grass seed a visit to the Vets


Stella had a miraculous recovery

Hobbling on a grass seed

Stella had been limping on and off all week, but Thursday and Friday saw her at her worst. I had taken advice, which was to bathe her foot in Salt solution, and anything in there would come out. However on my return from work Friday night Stella could hardly put her foot down so i had little choice but to take her to Penrose and partners our Vets in Colchester.

Thank god for a good payday

Penrose are a good vets and i trust their advice and the Vet who checked her over suggested 2 choices,

  • It was a grass seed that would need to possibly be removed or
  • it could have been a doggy version of athletes foot which apparently the Staffy breed is prone too

however she prescribed Anti Biotics and an anti inflammatory starting with and injection of each.

The Vet saves the day

When it is not so hot you could try putting some form of boot on your dog, to protect him or her against grass seeds going in the soft tissue between their toes. click the Picture below

I must say Stella was to prone to this idea, but then it has been unusually hot in the UK this year.

Malaseb is a prescription shampoo that we have to use on Stella once a week and this should help with any fungal infection according to the bottle.

I must say Stella’s recovery was very, quick. Putting her weight on the paw within minutes of her injection.

Now this is where you, my loyal readership can help me, Stella is getting wise to our hiding her meds in cheese, and as we buy the Low fat stuff, it doesnt tend to mold around the pill like it would the full fat cheese. I have tried her chicken which she seems to have rumbled, she likes Ham but i am looking for some other suggestions, to avoid having to be heavy handed.



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  1. I’m in the States and my “go to” pill hiding food is peanut butter. All of my dogs love it. If it is available be sure to check the label carefully. Some cheaper varieties use xylitol to sweeten and that’s bad for dogs. I go with a natural brand with just peanuts and a touch of salt in the ingredients.

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