Julys lessons in blogging 

July has seen a big learning curve in self hosting blogs so if you need lessons in blogging then read on. With my mentor Tim Stevens I opened a second site friendlytravelguide.com for which we are looking for guest bloggers who would be most welcome to add links to their own sites and further lessons …

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The Blog evolves as we learn 

I note looking at the analytics of allornothingblog.co.uk my most popular posts are my series, just one place in, in which I detail some of the places I’d visit in each country if it were the only place in that country I were allowed to visit, or my meagre research into Sir Arthur Conan Doyle …

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More strings to the Bow 

I’m now blogging on a new site, on which I’m hoping will see reviews of Local events Restaurants Holiday parks You name it, if you want a review  of a tourist activity I’ll get the review, it maybe Glastonbury Or the approaching v festival at Highlavds park in August. It maybe that you’re wanting publicity …

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Stella at her mischevious best

Why i started my Blog amongst other things

Someone close to me, asked me why i started my  blog, when she discovered my activity, well i decided to answer this way, I started to blog because i struggle to talk about my feelings, and someone suggested that writing them down would help, after losing my father in 2012. so i began www.fromhelltoeternity.wordpress.com early …

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my father, Missed but never forgotten, always in our hearts

Let me introduce you to my dear old father, i have written a lot about him, in my other blogs, www.fromhelltoeternity.wordpress.com and www.theamateursociopsychologist.com but it is days like today and the impending 26th of June that i miss him most. My favourite memories are of long summer days fishing with him, it didnt matter whether …

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hoilmes appears to fall with Moriarty in his arms

The many faces of Sherlock Holmes 

Benedict Cumberbatch, Jeremy Brett, Sir Basil Rathbone and Robert Downey Jr all have had the dubious honour of playing the number one consulting detective Sherlock Holmes. Benedict the most recent and modern version and Jeremy the one I grew up with and who boosted my fandom of the great man  and Robert of 2 films …

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stella looking cool and ready to go out into the sun

And I thought blogging was simple? 

I started Blogging in January 2015 in an effort to get over losing my father, indirectly to prostate cancer. All I had was my phone and my Samsung galaxy tab 3, and blogging was easy you just write a few words add some pictures publish and share, and if that’s all you want from your …

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The iconic eiffel tower

Just one place in France, has to be Paris, and sanctuary for quazimodo

The iconic view of Paris, opens my Just one place post for today, but i cannot just include this, so i am saying Paris, as it encompasses The Eiffel Tower as well as the Gothic design of  Notre Dame Cathedral, the sanctuary for Quasimodo other wise known as The Hunchback of Notre Dame written by Victor …

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Just one place in morroco 

Now that im.back from my holiday I’ve decided to resurrect my series, just one place, in which I detail that one place I’d spend 24 hours in a country if that was the only day I could spend in that country. Well this time it’s Tangiers in Morroco which is one ave I have been …

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