From small acorns large oak trees grow 

When started blogging some 3 or 4 years ago, on fromhelltoeternity little did I expect to enjoy it, writing from the heart as it flowed, rather than thinking about it, filtering out things, it was honest That was a proverbial small acorns planted, I read as a wrote I read others blogs and began to realise there …

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Fall is coming in Fridaywoods 

It’s a some what grotty Wednesday evening in September, but the weatherman says we are in for a revival of an Indian Summer this weekend. 

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Inspired by the 2 princes, why don’t we men talk about our feelings?

This is inspired by Princes William and Harry who have sparked off the big debate

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Am I ranting too much

I started blogging on fromhelltoeternity to get over losing my father which was hurting too much, thru this i became interested in psychology and sociology and started theamateursociopsycologist . I was going from strength to strength, so when i had the chance to start this site, i jumped at it. True to my word it has been …

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Pointer pose

A chilly evening walk in Fridaywoods 

A 4am start saw me in Stockport by 9am this morning a few miles from a certain footballers appearance in magistrates court and a visit to Fridaywoods is pending. Well I’m home after a 470 mile roundtrip I have a rather nice dinner of chicken, veg and (My favourite) new potatoes. Now Stellas on the …

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A wet walk over the Wick 

Stella and I are off for a walk over the wick for a brief walk. Come with us as we prepare to lose this ground which should by rights be a nature reserve. Look thru the fences and cannot help but think how many houses  could they build in there if they absolutely must. I …

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In the woods

Wake me up When September comes 

That’s what the Green day single is called, forgive me if I have the wrong band please. Well September is here the acorns are falling the leaves are turning a dusky brown and falling from the branches they have climbed to all summer long. To make it worse im.out with Stella and there’s a massive …

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