small acorns

Another walk, Stella seriously mate 

So much for winding down, Stella has an upset stomach do we’re out for a walk again. This time going along Berechurch Hall Rd into Mersea Rd and into the back of the woods. Berechurch Hall Rd is still remarkably busy with vans and cars hurrying everywhere, buses too. The grey clouds and the drop …

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Winding down after a day of frustration 

You know those days when you need everything to go right, no red lights only green, well today both to and from Portsmouth was fine it was only whilst there I had delays, 2 hours worth again. But thankfully I made it back to meet the engineer who was fixing our hot water, after four …

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A quiet start to Tuesday 

I’m not starting so early today, a short run to Oxford but not collecting until 8am, locally. It’s just gone 6am and I’m up and out with Stella, and as I don’t clock on until 7 I’m giving her a longer wander than normal. There are patches of blue in an otherwise cloudy grey sky, …

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the river walk Halstead

Old haunts, but good memories of Halstead Essex

As a teenager the only way you’d be able to follow the river walk in Halstead, would be with a pair of waders on, but then that’s my memories. As I said before in a previous post my hometown and Halstead so much of the town has changed, Electric motor developments END will soon be …

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Another female Stag Beetle

On the hunt for anything in Fridaywoods 

After this find last night, a female Stag beetle, which according to the Essex Wildlife trust is on the endangered list my curiosity is up as to what else I may find in Fridaywoods Colchester So it’s 630 am on a cooler Saturday on June and Stella and I are off on a walk thru …

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A Friday night wander with Stella the Staffy Bull 

So it finally came, Friday evening, and a well deserved weekend break for Stella, Louise and I. But Stella and I are out for our evening walk around Monkwick and the back of the barracks. Just to mark this, I believe a stag beetle, whether male or female I know not, but we saw this …

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Loch ness the home of nessy

Just one place in Scotland, Inverness and Loch Ness

Loch Ness Having chronicled a few of those places i have either seen or would like to see, and would be the one place in each country i would like to visit, in this series Just one place  I come to Scotland, and there can only be one place of extreme interest Loch Ness, just outside Inverness. …

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a view over the doomed middlewick ranges

Mission middlewick ranges……the hunt continues 

It’s been a while since my last report from the wick which is a battle ground for the moment between developers who want planning permission for a 1000 homes and those if us, including myself, who want to see it left as it is, with its rich biodiverse environment. I’m on Mersea Rd approaching Wick …

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a sea of yellow against the tarmac

The evening walk across the Bounstead Road route on a sunny thursday evening

We decided that the evening walk would be up Berechurch hall Rd, along bounstead road and back across the woods, and tonights blog, and subsequent social media share on facebook, would be dictated by the photos, i thought interesting enough for my audience. Well the first was awesome views of daisies along Berchurch Hall Rd, As …

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Just one place, the canyon of the crescent moon, Jordan

For the latest in my series of Just one place, I move to Jordan  and the canyon of the crescent moon, or temple of the Sun, which was first bought to my attention by Harrison Ford and Indiana Jones and the last crusade, which would pit him again, against the Nazis and bring him face to face …

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