Snow is falling thick and Fast

Its sunday morning and Snow is falling Stella and I went out early this morning, and it was raining quite heavily. As i got back to our second floor flat, waiting for Tesco to arrive with our delivery and talking to my fiancee, i noticed that Snow is falling. From my fiancee’s point of view and from …

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It comes at Dawn 

Come winter, spring, summer or autumn and sunshine, rain or snow Stellas routine doesn’t change.  As soon as i wake up I get my coffee and her breakfast and sometimes my partners toast, but within half an hour Stella is whining. Take now for instance, it’s 5.45 on a Saturday morning in December and we’re …

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They control the market 

Ok I’ve got my first cold of the winter, which makes me think about Remedies. The two leading remedies on the market cost an average of £4 for 10 sachets and you take 4 per day? So 10 sachets lasts 2 and half days if only one of you are taking it and ultimately the …

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What is the point 

Now I want to start by saying I respect every doctor, nurse and carer in the NHS.  However I have to question  the state of the institution itself? Why? Well for the last few weeks I have had pain in my left elbow and tried several times to get into see my own Dr, well …

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After a long day in London 

After a long day in London, it’s nice to come home to a dog waiting for her walk and to get out in  the air and slow down and chill, even though it’s dark and im writing In the light of street lamps.  A drawn out unload at Alexandra palace for an exhibition, then out …

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Stella the Staffordshire bull terrier 

Come November the first Stella will be 9 or 63 whichever way you see it. I now I’m slightly biased but she’s doing well, she’s in good shape and (touch wood) has no medical problems apart from having her anal gland emptied 4 to 6 times a year.  She’s lost some of her sustained speed …

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Stella, you’ve a cows chance in Hell

Ok the words Staffordshire Bull terrier combined with cows ahead is something Stella might like the sound of, but not me, first Stella,.you work as a pack and secondly you’re a bitch with not much weight behind you.  So we have, much to Stellas disgust, turned on to a different route, going towards Mersea Rd …

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Fasting Day, well i think so  

I started the day in my usual way, white coffee, no sugar.  My packed lunch  2 litres orange and mango diluted of course  1 banana  1 Apple  1 tangerine  1 tub of ham  2 go ahead bars  My dinner a simple plain omelette, 2 eggs.  Well according to my fitness pal I’ve only had 600 …

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The drawback of living on the edge of a wood 

The are plenty of positives to living on the edge of Fridaywoods but this beautiful owl lived up to its name, the screech owl, was practicing last night around midnight.  I’ll defer to those more knowledgeable than I to tell us more about the screech owl and invite them to comment below please?  There was …

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Quakers A good start to the day 

All the best nutritionists say “don’t skip breakfast” and that a high fiber breakfast will fill you up until lunchtime

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