Day 3, keeping up the new regime at work 

Stella had a short walk this morning but I got home had my dinner  Chicken chargrill  New potato  Runner beans  Carrot  Peas  And out for the promised 2 mile walk with my little mate Stella  I decided extra effort was required so I raised the pace for the second mile  22 minutes  18 minutes  From …

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Reminiscing and walking around Halstead

Day 1 of my renewed effort to lose my spare tyre, went well completing over 16000 steps and walking around 8 miles in total, one two mile walk which i blogged about yesterday followed by a 5 miler around my home town in Essex, reminiscing and walking around Halstead holds  memories of my youth and …

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My spare tyre is growing again 

I said this was allornothing and it is, so im changing matter again for a time. My spare tyre is growing a little to much so I must re focusand make a plan I cannot run as my knee is not up to it, but I do have a good fitness tool. Stella is without …

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Too many plates 

Yes that’s me, hello again. I’ve realised something about myself today that may be a good thing but eqially im not sure what to do about it,  I’ve realised im trying to spin too many plates.  Work  My relationship  My family  My daughter My own life  I am trying to be to many things, to …

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halstead reservoir

Memories of a teenage angler, a calming infuence

My dad introduced me to a love of being an angler as an 8 year old at a local orchard which he helped stock years earlier. I developed a love of angling and the time I had with my dad to myself we could talk about anything and he never made me feel judged he …

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my father, Missed but never forgotten, always in our hearts

Let me introduce you to my dear old father, i have written a lot about him, in my other blogs, and but it is days like today and the impending 26th of June that i miss him most. My favourite memories are of long summer days fishing with him, it didnt matter whether …

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hoilmes appears to fall with Moriarty in his arms

The many faces of Sherlock Holmes 

Benedict Cumberbatch, Jeremy Brett, Sir Basil Rathbone and Robert Downey Jr all have had the dubious honour of playing the number one consulting detective Sherlock Holmes. Benedict the most recent and modern version and Jeremy the one I grew up with and who boosted my fandom of the great man  and Robert of 2 films …

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The continuing biography of Stella the staffy. A story of unconditional love.

What is there to Stella well she’s an almost 9 year old Staffordshire bull terrier that my fiancee and I have had since she was 4, She was in fact part of my fortieth birthday present from my good lady. Stella would lick you to death rather than bite you, and unlike a lot of …

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Grey clouds overhead, literal and proverbially

Sunday is drawing to a close with dark clouds in the sky, seagulls a plenty can be seen massing, and you can be pretty certain there’s a storm at sea, and equally sure it’s coming this way. Strangely I feel the symbolism of the grey clouds as I fear something brewing, I’m not negative introspecting …

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