A big juicy Fungi

Walking the wick. Day 2 of my new regime 

My first visit in a while walking the wick, which should be considered a Nature reserve,  with Stella my trusty side kick. It late August and the objections have all been registered, im.told by somebody in the know about these things that the planners will try to do d a way around the objections. It …

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Psychopath, surely not, i am a highly functioning Sociopath, a psychological view of Holmes

I must start by saying i am no psychologist, but i have an interest in psychology and sociology and therefor Holmes own diagnosis of him being a Sociopath. In the BBC series, SHERLOCK played by Benedict Cumberbatch, says “Psychopath, I am not a psychopath i am a highly functioning sociopath” A sociopath, according to google …

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A Friday night wander with Stella the Staffy Bull 

So it finally came, Friday evening, and a well deserved weekend break for Stella, Louise and I. But Stella and I are out for our evening walk around Monkwick and the back of the barracks. Just to mark this, I believe a stag beetle, whether male or female I know not, but we saw this …

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a view over the doomed middlewick ranges

Mission middlewick ranges……the hunt continues 

It’s been a while since my last report from the wick which is a battle ground for the moment between developers who want planning permission for a 1000 homes and those if us, including myself, who want to see it left as it is, with its rich biodiverse environment. I’m on Mersea Rd approaching Wick …

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stella has the scent

An early morning walk before we go 

Early Morning walk We are away for a week’s break from tiday but Stella and I are up and walking, it’s 6am on a Saturday morning and the sky is a hazy mixture of blue to light grey. Stella appears to know something is not right, it may be the suitcases in the living room, …

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a lone butterfly

re emergence of Butterflies

Butterflies it seems strange, that i am noticing more butterflies this year, and i wonder why, whats behind their reemergence, this Red Admiral was in a post a week or 2 back, but was one of 2, that were fluttering together, Yesterday i saw 2 cabbage white, which i used to see in abundance in …

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6am Sunday day 2

Stella and I are up, and walking a different path of fridaywoods. These 2 pigeons are the first thing I spot as we walk along Mersea Rd towards the gates into the woods. Dead Adder on a sunday morning This foreboding photo was sent to me yesterday, of an adder that was no doubt defanged …

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Turning to the Romans for help

Camolodunum to the Romans Colchester, or Camolodunum, as it was known to the Romans is the oldest township in England. With links to the Normans, I maybe wrong as I’m working from memory but the castle dates from Norman times but I digress, stella and I are up and walking a section of the middlewick …

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Colchester walks 

Stella I’ve already introduced you to Stella, well like all dogs, she needs her walks at least twice a day.. Well of course I like to vary it for me as much as her, so I’ll list some of the most popular that I either use or am aware of; Fridaywoods. An array of walks …

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Early Sunday morning over the middlewick ranges

Middlewick Ranges Stella and i took a wander of the Middlewick ranges at 6am this morning, only a single other dog walker, was seen for the entire hour of the walk. The developing sunrise was glorious as you can see, but sadly no animal species could be seen. I kept an eye out even for …

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