Snow is falling thick and Fast

Its sunday morning and Snow is falling Stella and I went out early this morning, and it was raining quite heavily. As i got back to our second floor flat, waiting for Tesco to arrive with our delivery and talking to my fiancee, i noticed that Snow is falling. From my fiancee’s point of view and from …

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Dog friendly Colchester  

Stella wandering loose Ok I want to turn things a little more up beat with my latest post and think about the more dog friendly venues around Colchester. Gosbecks Roman burial ground. A huge ex archaeological dig up near the famous Colchester zoo. Dog walkers and runners and horseriders alike are welcome on this area. …

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Temperatures are dropping. 

It’s the last weekend in November and the morning temperatures are plummeting.  With a good ground frost covering the cars and grass areas where there’s no footfall. The sky is not cloudless but it’s pretty clear as Stella and I step out for our morning walk. A nights heavy wind and rain has put pay …

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Expected the worse 

Waking up this morning I expected the worst,  Cars frozen over  Icy conditions  Jack Frost nipping at exposed skin  and I dressed for it. 4 layers on my torso including a t shirt, my work shirt and fleece and my hi viz jacket.  But when I stepped out with Stella  I was greeted by a …

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If you go down to the woods today 

With the reports of Ticks getting on dogs it’s the first time in a while for Stella and I in Fridaywoods.  According to google the prime time for Ticks us in the spring so why are they about now?  I can only guess, but it’s logical from what ive been told  The dogs involved picked up the …

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Icy cold sunday morning walk 

It’s Sunday morning 7am and I’m out with Stella, apart from the full moon the sky us clear, not a single cloud to be seen. Im wishing I had grabbed my gloves as Jack is definitely biting at them today. Mersea Rd is unusually busy for a Sunday and the remarkable thing is there us …

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20 degrees in October 

It’s October 25th however the gauge in my van read 20 degrees this afternoon. Is thiß evidence of global warming or just the natural course now.  I’m out with Stella after a long day driving, it’s still Tee shirt weather although I do have my fleece on.  The leaves that only a fortnight ago still …

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In search of Brian and the remaining colour of autumn in Fridaywoods 

Stella and I stepped out this morning expecting to be dodging high winds and stepping around fallen Boughs and wind swept debris but the reality was much tamer.  Yes there were a lot of leaves, however it’s autumn apart from the fact there were a lot if green leaves to.  The so called operation to …

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The dawning of A Sunday morning A horse chestnuts leaves dying off magnificently

jack frosts alarm is going, he’ll soon be having breakfast and be out to play

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Not so early on a Saturday morning, walk with Stella 

Autumn is beginning to take hold the leaves are changing colour quickly now although the temperature seems steady.  I suspect a sudden drop will kill off the remaining leaves over a  couple of nights, then i am no expert  Is it just me or is Autumn (fall) the more colourful season, a rich mix of …

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