The strangest interview I’ve ever had. By Billy the page

I am Billy the page, and this is how i got my job with Sherlock Holmes, One of the railway men at Paddington new I was in need of a job and arranged an interview for me at 221b Baker street, he suggested I go smart and be at my sharpest. The first interview was …

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hoilmes appears to fall with Moriarty in his arms

Professor james Moriarty I made a mistake 

I am Prof James Moriarty And I write these words whilst in pursuit of Mr Sherlock Holmes, I have no Ill will towards his companion Dr Watson, but Holmes has shut me down my organisation cannot avoid being shut down by Scotland yard since I made a small mistake showing Holmes my involvement in a …

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Watson implicates himself and Holmes 

In the adventure of Charles Arthur Milverton it occurs to me that not only Dr John D Watson implicates himself as a burglar and to aiding abetting a murderer but Sherlock Holmes also. In publishing the adventure he risks his own and Holmes arrest, prosecution and potentially penile servitude as they did not actually pull …

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Social media modernising of the Baker street irregulars 

Sherlock Holmes describes Wiggins and his baker street irregulars as his unseen eyes and ears across London.  Call me slow, of you wish, but it occurs to me the to Benedict Cumberbatches Sherlock his baker street irregulars are all who may follow him on Twitter or have reason to send him a friend request on …

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A letter to The chief of police, ‘re Sherlock Holmes 

Whilst we in uniform and the less senior detectives have no resentment towards Sherlock Holmes himself, if what we read from the pen of Dr Watson is true then the likes of Chief Inspector G Lestrade  And inspector Tobias Gregson  have gained considerably by Holmes’ influence. They have had commendations that Sherlock Holmes should have …

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Jeremy Brett as the great consulting detective

I am Police inspector Peter Jones 

This is a statement submitted as evidence.  I Police inspector Peter Jones was in Scotland Yard when uniform summoned me Sherlock Holmes wanted my assistance. Holmes was standing in the foyer, with a man from the bank and told me by the End of the night I might have my cuffs on the wrists of …

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A reference for Sherlock Holmes from his landlady Mrs Hudson 

In the late 1880s I advertised my rooms and few people came but I had no good feelings from any until two gentlemen in their late twenties or early thirties came around by the name of Dr John Watson and Mr Sherlock Holmes. I wasn’t sure at first but the latter paid a deposit and …

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 Inspector Tobias Gregson of Scotland Yard 

By the time I first worked with Sherlock Holmes I thought I knew everything, i was alreadý pretty set in my ways, but he came along with a way if looking at everything in a new light! It was methodical, slow and painstaking, he would look for footprints and minute detail and his brain seemed …

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With reverence to Sherlock Holmes 

From the learning of Cartwright  It was thru my antics with Mr Sherlock Holmes that I had the opportunity to learn to read and right.  I had the opportunity to assist him during the case described by Watson as the Hound of the Baskervilles.  In the first instance it was a studious search if littler …

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The Great Teacher of Sherlock Holmes

  From the Pen of Stanley Hopkins of the Great Teacher Sherlock Holmes  I was fairly young when i had graduated as Scotland yard Detective and i attended a number of lectures from what some of the experienced detectives called a a theorist, Sherlock Holmes, I would go on to call him the great teacher …

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