Social media modernising of the Baker street irregulars 

Wiggins and the Baker Street Irregulars Sherlock Holmes describes Wiggins and his baker street irregulars as his unseen eyes and ears across London. Call me slow, of you wish, but it occurs to me the to Benedict Cumberbatches Sherlock his baker street irregulars are all who may follow him on Twitter or have reason to …

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Julys lessons in blogging 

July has seen a big learning curve in self hosting blogs so if you need lessons in blogging then read on. With my mentor Tim Stevens I opened a second site for which we are looking for guest bloggers who would be most welcome to add links to their own sites and further lessons …

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The thing about Blackmail, the cruellest crime

In the canon of Sherlock Holmes, Blackmail raises it’s ugly head several times, but most notably in the case of Charles Arthur Milverton who buys incriminating material, mostly about ladies of high society who about to  be wed. As Sherlock Holmes points out if the victim of milverton goes to the police, milverton may get …

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Alopecia areata

Alopecia-Areata or Spot Baldness

I know this is not my normal subject but callam and His mum inspired this post, please click on the picture above, and share it to all your social media outlets, He has a condition called Alopecia-Areata, which causes patches of baldness about the size of a large coin. Alopecia areata usually appear on the scalp …

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Holmes the self confessed sociopath

Forensic developments available to Sherlock Holmes 

Forensics It appears that Sherlock Holmes knowledge of forensic analysis of a crime scene is the father of it all, but my Research shows that all he was aware of was in the public domain, as follows, 600bc Arabic discovery of fingerprints 1248 Chinese publish first forensic study book 1600 Pathology first used to discover …

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the river walk Halstead

Old haunts, but good memories of Halstead Essex

Halstead As a teenager the only way you’d be able to follow the river walk in Halstead, would be with a pair of waders on, but then that’s my memories. My hometown of Halstead so much of the town has changed, Electric motor developments END will soon be another Aldi, hunwicks is an old wreck now …

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a misty morning in friday woods

A calmer, cooler start to the day 

Some spectacular lightning and a little rain yesterday, around London at least, has had a good affect on the air it us significantly cooler and the air less muggy. The air is fresher and the dawn chorus is well under way. It’s 430am on a Friday in June and I’m off to Lichfield shortly, so …

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hoilmes appears to fall with Moriarty in his arms

The many faces of Sherlock Holmes 

Benedict Cumberbatch, Jeremy Brett, Sir Basil Rathbone and Robert Downey Jr all have had the dubious honour of playing the number one consulting detective Sherlock Holmes. Benedict the most recent and modern version and Jeremy the one I grew up with and who boosted my fandom of the great man  and Robert of 2 films …

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