Reminiscing and walking around Halstead

Day 1 of my renewed effort to lose my spare tyre, went well completing over 16000 steps and walking around 8 miles in total, one two mile walk which i blogged about yesterday followed by a 5 miler around my home town in Essex, reminiscing and walking around Halstead holds  memories of my youth and …

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My spare tyre is growing again 

I said this was allornothing and it is, so im changing matter again for a time. My spare tyre is growing a little to much so I must re focusand make a plan I cannot run as my knee is not up to it, but I do have a good fitness tool. Stella is without …

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Too many plates 

Yes that’s me, hello again. I’ve realised something about myself today that may be a good thing but eqially im not sure what to do about it,  I’ve realised im trying to spin too many plates.  Work  My relationship  My family  My daughter My own life  I am trying to be to many things, to …

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Psychopath, surely not, i am a highly functioning Sociopath, a psychological view of Holmes

I must start by saying i am no psychologist, but i have an interest in psychology and sociology and therefor Holmes own diagnosis of him being a Sociopath. In the BBC series, SHERLOCK played by Benedict Cumberbatch, says “Psychopath, I am not a psychopath i am a highly functioning sociopath” A sociopath, according to google …

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Moriarty, the napoleon of Crime

Holmes and the Pinkertons detective agency

The Pinkertons is a Canadian, Western, police procedural,  which features crime cases of the Pinkerton detective agency. , with the Pinkerton detective agency, and features stories based on actual cases from the Pinkerton detective agency archives dating to the 1860s meets Sherlock Holmes in the form of John Douglas in THE VALLEY OF FEAR Athur Conan doyles 4th and final full length Sherlock …

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halstead reservoir

Memories of a teenage angler, a calming infuence

My dad introduced me to a love of being an angler as an 8 year old at a local orchard which he helped stock years earlier. I developed a love of angling and the time I had with my dad to myself we could talk about anything and he never made me feel judged he …

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A quiet start to Tuesday 

I’m not starting so early today, a short run to Oxford but not collecting until 8am, locally. It’s just gone 6am and I’m up and out with Stella, and as I don’t clock on until 7 I’m giving her a longer wander than normal. There are patches of blue in an otherwise cloudy grey sky, …

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SHERLOCK the modernised version with Cumberbatch as Holmes

Just one place in India, Holmes and the sign of four 

Why is Agra the next in my series Just one place in, because i’m a self confessed fan of Sherlock Holmes, and one if the most famous stories and Conan Doyle’s second outing for Holmes “the sign of four” in which Jonathon Small and his small but lethal Tonga an Andomon islander companion are chased …

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the river walk Halstead

Old haunts, but good memories of Halstead Essex

As a teenager the only way you’d be able to follow the river walk in Halstead, would be with a pair of waders on, but then that’s my memories. As I said before in a previous post my hometown and Halstead so much of the town has changed, Electric motor developments END will soon be …

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