Stella in the grass

Vets in Colchester with heart A testimonial to Penrose Vetinary Practice,

When we got Stella, on my 40th birthday in 2012 i had reason to take Stella to the vet, i seem to recall for a swelling in her ear, i phoned around the Vets in Colchester, explaining that i would be able to pay on the following Friday, everyone except Penrose turned me away, this …

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A Friday night wander with Stella the Staffy Bull 

So it finally came, Friday evening, and a well deserved weekend break for Stella, Louise and I. But Stella and I are out for our evening walk around Monkwick and the back of the barracks. Just to mark this, I believe a stag beetle, whether male or female I know not, but we saw this …

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the poppy filled field

The silence of the trees 

It is 6pm and still not cooling down, the thermometer in my can broke the thirty degree mark and to my reluctance Stella wants out among the trees of the woods. Against my better judgement I’m out in trees of Fridaywoods under the cooling protection of the tree canopy lining Ramparts lane. There’s hardly any …

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Share your tips for keeping your  dog cool in the heat 

Share away Ok readers especially those in the UK will know it’s been really hot and that it is going to be for the next few days. So how do you keep your dogs cool? In an effort to keep Stellas temperature down and keep her from overheating I am doing the following Cutting down …

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a view over the doomed middlewick ranges

Mission middlewick ranges……the hunt continues 

It’s been a while since my last report from the wick which is a battle ground for the moment between developers who want planning permission for a 1000 homes and those if us, including myself, who want to see it left as it is, with its rich biodiverse environment. I’m on Mersea Rd approaching Wick …

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A good hard butt workout 

This last week has been a dam good daily butt workout, the dry sand and the steep climb from Hemsby Beach combine to make an amazing butt and calf workout, every day Stella And I walked for at least 20 minutes on the beach and in fact Tuesday saw a whole hour in which I …

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Stella and I outside the Brudenell

Up and at them, day 4 in Hemsby 

Well Stella and I are up, early, like a normal working day, even though it’s not. It seems a little windy again but then we are in the coast. We’ve come out of the camp and headed along into the village and then turned on to Back Market Lane to see where it’ll take us. …

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Trawling between Lowestoft and Winterton with Stella at our side

A delayed start A delayed start to the day because Lou needed a doctor. I must praise the surgery, who were to my surprise able to see her within an hour of my call. After that we headed for Great Yarmouth where we did a little shopping. Well the ladies did a little shopping. I …

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Life doesn’t have to be perfect or on the beach to be wonderful 

On the wall of our bedroom in the Chalet in Hemsby  metres from the beach, there is a motto which I have to say I may adopt, Life doesn t have to be perfect to be wonderful. Upon seeing it I could help but think how true, does anyone really have a perfect life? I …

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stella has the scent

An early morning walk before we go 

Early Morning walk We are away for a week’s break from tiday but Stella and I are up and walking, it’s 6am on a Saturday morning and the sky is a hazy mixture of blue to light grey. Stella appears to know something is not right, it may be the suitcases in the living room, …

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