The strangest interview I’ve ever had. By Billy the page

I am Billy the page, and this is how i got my job with Sherlock Holmes, One of the railway men at Paddington new I was in need of a job and arranged an interview for me at 221b Baker street, he suggested I go smart and be at my sharpest. The first interview was …

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hoilmes appears to fall with Moriarty in his arms

Professor james Moriarty I made a mistake 

I am Prof James Moriarty And I write these words whilst in pursuit of Mr Sherlock Holmes, I have no Ill will towards his companion Dr Watson, but Holmes has shut me down my organisation cannot avoid being shut down by Scotland yard since I made a small mistake showing Holmes my involvement in a …

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Watson implicates himself and Holmes 

In the adventure of Charles Arthur Milverton it occurs to me that not only Dr John D Watson implicates himself as a burglar and to aiding abetting a murderer but Sherlock Holmes also. In publishing the adventure he risks his own and Holmes arrest, prosecution and potentially penile servitude as they did not actually pull …

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A reference for Sherlock Holmes from his landlady Mrs Hudson 

In the late 1880s I advertised my rooms and few people came but I had no good feelings from any until two gentlemen in their late twenties or early thirties came around by the name of Dr John Watson and Mr Sherlock Holmes. I wasn’t sure at first but the latter paid a deposit and …

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The Great Teacher of Sherlock Holmes

  From the Pen of Stanley Hopkins of the Great Teacher Sherlock Holmes  I was fairly young when i had graduated as Scotland yard Detective and i attended a number of lectures from what some of the experienced detectives called a a theorist, Sherlock Holmes, I would go on to call him the great teacher …

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221b Baker street, Holmes thinks it out 

There are 2 cases that come to mind in which Holmes does not leave 221b baker street and completes the case in his rooms In a case of identity Holmes client relates the story of the man, Hosmah Angel, to whom she is promised. She continues to relate how Angel writes to her via a …

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