Inspector Tobias Gregson of Scotland Yard on Holmes

Sherlock Holmes By the time I first worked with Sherlock Holmes I thought I knew everything, i was alreadý pretty set in my ways, but he came along with a way if looking at everything in a new light! It was methodical, slow and painstaking, he would look for footprints and minute detail and his …

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Sherlock Holmes, from viewpoint of Chief Inspector G Lestrade 

From the journal of Chief Inspector Lestrade upon his retirement from Scotland Yard  It in no small part that I owe my rise in Scotland Yard to my friend and ally Sherlock Holmes of 221b Baker street London. I had some other business in a case of fraud as I recall before my colleague Gregson …

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hoilmes appears to fall with Moriarty in his arms

The many faces of Sherlock Holmes 

Benedict Cumberbatch, Jeremy Brett, Sir Basil Rathbone and Robert Downey Jr all have had the dubious honour of playing the number one consulting detective Sherlock Holmes. Benedict the most recent and modern version and Jeremy the one I grew up with and who boosted my fandom of the great man  and Robert of 2 films …

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