Social media modernising of the Baker street irregulars 

Wiggins and the Baker Street Irregulars Sherlock Holmes describes Wiggins and his baker street irregulars as his unseen eyes and ears across London. Call me slow, of you wish, but it occurs to me the to Benedict Cumberbatches Sherlock his baker street irregulars are all who may follow him on Twitter or have reason to …

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With reverence to Sherlock Holmes 

From the learning of Cartwright  Cartwright in the case of the Baskervilles It was thru my antics with Mr Sherlock Holmes that I had the opportunity to learn to read and right. I had the opportunity to assist him during the case described by Watson as the Hound of the Baskervilles. In the first instance …

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The sleuth hound

4 dogs of the Holmes Canon 

4 stories of the official canon of Sherlock Holmes have a dog in the key of the story The sign of 4 The hound of the Baskervilles The creeping man The Shoscombe down mystery In the sign of 4 Toby is painted as the sleigh hound tracking the traces of creosote across London to a …

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hoilmes appears to fall with Moriarty in his arms

The many faces of Sherlock Holmes 

Benedict Cumberbatch, Jeremy Brett, Sir Basil Rathbone and Robert Downey Jr all have had the dubious honour of playing the number one consulting detective Sherlock Holmes. Benedict the most recent and modern version and Jeremy the one I grew up with and who boosted my fandom of the great man  and Robert of 2 films …

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