More lessons in Blogging 

Lessons in Blogging October’s lessons in Blogging affiliate marketing has been my biggest lesson though, a lesson suggested via Pinterest. Amazon has a huge affiliate program and I’ve signed up with paid on results.   I have also signed up to pay u 2 blog a site that pays you for completing it assignments although I’ve had no assignments …

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Julys lessons in blogging 

July has seen a big learning curve in self hosting blogs so if you need lessons in blogging then read on. With my mentor Tim Stevens I opened a second site for which we are looking for guest bloggers who would be most welcome to add links to their own sites and further lessons …

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Stella at her mischevious best

Why i started my Blog amongst other things

Someone close to me, asked me why i started my  blog, when she discovered my activity, well i decided to answer this way, I started to blog because i struggle to talk about my feelings, and someone suggested that writing them down would help, after losing my father in 2012. so i began early …

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stella looking cool and ready to go out into the sun

And I thought blogging was simple? 

I started Blogging in January 2015 in an effort to get over losing my father, indirectly to prostate cancer. All I had was my phone and my Samsung galaxy tab 3, and blogging was easy you just write a few words add some pictures publish and share, and if that’s all you want from your …

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the nurse is Stella

Stella takes over nursing duties of her sick mum

Stella has a most wonderful side to her, her empathic nature, when lou or i are ill, she stays right by our side, and i have little doubt that if she could, she would serve every need we had. well today it is Lou who is ill, in bed with Laryngitis and Stella is right …

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Blogging since I have been blogging now since January 2015, it started off as therapy for me, see fromhelltoeternity and then got more diverse as my interest grew in psychology and sociology I started a second blog theamateursociopscyhology and then i saw an opportunity to set this site up thru a friend who runs domains, …

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