The drawback of living on the edge of a wood 

Positives The are plenty of positives to living on the edge of Fridaywoods but this beautiful owl lived up to its name, the screech owl, was practicing last night around midnight. I’ll defer to those more knowledgeable than I to tell us more about the screech owl and invite them to comment below please? There …

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6am Sunday day 2

Stella and I are up, and walking a different path of fridaywoods. These 2 pigeons are the first thing I spot as we walk along Mersea Rd towards the gates into the woods. Dead Adder on a sunday morning This foreboding photo was sent to me yesterday, of an adder that was no doubt defanged …

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why all or nothing

Why All or nothing blog I have been blogging now for almost three years via FromHell and The amateur socio psychologist, this is my third site, but my first self hosted, i blog about anything and everything from adders to zebras, from sociology to psychology, and .  and anything that irritates or inspires me. my current …

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