Watson implicates himself and Holmes 

Milverton In the adventure of Charles Arthur Milverton it occurs to me that not only Dr John D Watson implicates himself as a burglar and to aiding abetting a murderer but Sherlock Holmes also. In publishing the adventure he risks his own and Holmes arrest, prosecution and potentially penile servitude as they did not actually …

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Sherlock Holmes, from viewpoint of Chief Inspector G Lestrade 

From the journal of Chief Inspector Lestrade upon his retirement from Scotland Yard  It in no small part that I owe my rise in Scotland Yard to my friend and ally Sherlock Holmes of 221b Baker street London. I had some other business in a case of fraud as I recall before my colleague Gregson …

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The thing about Blackmail, the cruellest crime

In the canon of Sherlock Holmes, Blackmail raises it’s ugly head several times, but most notably in the case of Charles Arthur Milverton who buys incriminating material, mostly about ladies of high society who about to  be wed. As Sherlock Holmes points out if the victim of milverton goes to the police, milverton may get …

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