What’s your favourite winter warmer

The temperature is beginning to fall outside making me think of my favourite winter warmers, starring with good old fashioned Shepherds/cottage pie. I don’t give a monkey’s if it’s made with lamb or beef mince it’s the king of the winter warmers. Hey it’s mince again, spaghetti Bolognese made without the trade marked sauces is …

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In search of Brian and the remaining colour of autumn in Fridaywoods 

Stella and I stepped out this morning expecting to be dodging high winds and stepping around fallen Boughs and wind swept debris but the reality was much tamer.  Yes there were a lot of leaves, however it’s autumn apart from the fact there were a lot if green leaves to.  The so called operation to …

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In the woods

Wake me up When September comes 

That’s what the Green day single is called, forgive me if I have the wrong band please. Well September is here the acorns are falling the leaves are turning a dusky brown and falling from the branches they have climbed to all summer long. To make it worse im.out with Stella and there’s a massive …

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