A grass seed a visit to the Vets

Hobbling on a grass seed Stella had been limping on and off all week, but Thursday and Friday saw her at her worst. I had taken advice, which was to bathe her foot in Salt solution, and anything in there would come out. However on my return from work Friday night Stella could hardly put …

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Holidays are over Back to work

Holidays are over The Christmas Holidays are over, I sit writjng this on the final evening about to walk Stella. Stella had a visit to the Vet this morning for her 3 monthly Glands to be cleaned out. An experience I cannot recommend bring in the room for. Poor dog is not going to know …

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Pointer pose

The hardest decision of them all

http://wp.me/p5JH7w-F6 Pure Emotion Reading the post linked above, the pure emotion of the piece, was what made me think it was written so perfectly. It didn’t need pictures, your mind painted a picture for you from cinnamon and sparkles words. Although I have had dogs around me for most of my 45 years. I have …

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Stella in the grass

Vets in Colchester with heart A testimonial to Penrose Vetinary Practice,

When we got Stella, on my 40th birthday in 2012 i had reason to take Stella to the vet, i seem to recall for a swelling in her ear, i phoned around the Vets in Colchester, explaining that i would be able to pay on the following Friday, everyone except Penrose turned me away, this …

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