Stella the Staffordshire bull terrier 

Come November the first Stella will be 9 or 63 whichever way you see it. I now I’m slightly biased but she’s doing well, she’s in good shape and (touch wood) has no medical problems apart from having her anal gland emptied 4 to 6 times a year.  She’s lost some of her sustained speed …

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Winding down after a day of frustration 

You know those days when you need everything to go right, no red lights only green, well today both to and from Portsmouth was fine it was only whilst there I had delays, 2 hours worth again. But thankfully I made it back to meet the engineer who was fixing our hot water, after four …

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Stella and I outside the Brudenell

Up and at them, day 4 in Hemsby 

Well Stella and I are up, early, like a normal working day, even though it’s not. It seems a little windy again but then we are in the coast. We’ve come out of the camp and headed along into the village and then turned on to Back Market Lane to see where it’ll take us. …

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stella has the scent

An early morning walk before we go 

We are away for a week’s break from tiday but Stella and I are up and walking, it’s 6am on a Saturday morning and the sky is a hazy mixture of blue to light grey.  Stella appears to know something is not right, it may be the suitcases in the living room, but she’s definitely …

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a lone sparrrow on the wire

Not quite singing in the rain, but nearly

This is how the day started but it has rained since my previous post “a midday meander” almost solidly and I have taken a quiet spell to walk Stella the fuss pot. It’s definitely taken the humidity diwn but it’s also dropped the temperature. The sky is a mixture of dark grey through to white …

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a lone butterfly

The continuing Saga of the Hound called Stella

The Continuing saga of the hound called Stella goes like this, Stella has not had the most successful history as a guard dog, when left guarding my truck as i delivered a load of potatoes to a chip shop a few years back, she allowed a thief to take a bill fold full of money, …

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