The strangest interview I’ve ever had. By Billy the page

Billy the page boy I am Billy the page, and this is how i got my job with Sherlock Holmes, One of the railway men at Paddington new I was in need of a job and arranged an interview for me at 221b Baker street, he suggested I go smart and be at my sharpest. …

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hoilmes appears to fall with Moriarty in his arms

Professor james Moriarty I made a mistake!

  Moriarty I am Prof James Moriarty And I write these words whilst in pursuit of Mr Sherlock Holmes, I have no Ill will towards his companion Dr Watson, but Holmes has shut me down my organisation cannot avoid being shut down by Scotland yard since I made a small mistake showing Holmes my involvement …

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A reference for Sherlock Holmes from his landlady Mrs Hudson 

In the late 1880s I advertised my rooms and few people came but I had no good feelings from any until two gentlemen in their late twenties or early thirties came around by the name of Dr John Watson and Mr Sherlock Holmes. I wasn’t sure at first but the latter paid a deposit and …

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 Inspector Tobias Gregson of Scotland Yard on Holmes

Sherlock Holmes By the time I first worked with Sherlock Holmes I thought I knew everything, i was alreadý pretty set in my ways, but he came along with a way if looking at everything in a new light! It was methodical, slow and painstaking, he would look for footprints and minute detail and his …

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Black peter

The Great Teacher of Sherlock Holmes

  From the Pen of Stanley Hopkins of the Great Teacher Sherlock Holmes  Meeting Sherlock Holmes I was fairly young when i had graduated as Scotland yard Detective. After attending a number of lectures from what some of the experienced detectives called a a theorist, Sherlock Holmes. I would go on to call him the …

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From the Pen of the Lion Hunter Leon Sterndale 

Received in the post Rat 221b Baker street London from the Lion Hunter  I have the greatest respect for Sherlock Holmes as a Lion Hunter of some renown, who knows he had my neck in his hands I don’t know why he let me go but I guess he could see that I wasn’t a danger …

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From the journal of Athelney Jones 

  An extract from the journal of inspector Athelney Jones.  The sign of the four Before my good fortune of working with Mr Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson I had attended a lecture by the theorist, who it would transpire was very rarely wrong however according to Dr Watson’s writing I am not the only …

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Sherlock Holmes, from viewpoint of Chief Inspector G Lestrade 

From the journal of Chief Inspector Lestrade upon his retirement from Scotland Yard  It in no small part that I owe my rise in Scotland Yard to my friend and ally Sherlock Holmes of 221b Baker street London. I had some other business in a case of fraud as I recall before my colleague Gregson …

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My dear,.dear Watson 

In a Study in Scarlet, we read the Dr John Watson graduates as a surgeon, and joined  the Northumberlands heading for India, and the British afghan war, 1878 to 1880 is injured in the Battle of Maiwand in 1880 at the hands of jezail bullet and shipped home after being rescued by his orderly. Well …

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