Pointer pose

The hardest decision of them all

http://wp.me/p5JH7w-F6 I read the post I’ve linked above and the pure emotion of the piece was what made me think it was written so perfectly, it didn’t need pictures, your mind painted a picture for you from cinnamon and sparkles words.  Although I have had dogs around me for most of my 45 years I …

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Time to declutter 

There are 3 good ways I get to declutter my mind the first I’ve discussed before my love of fishing, sitting on the river bank with nothing but a float to concentrate upon. The second is walking my staff bull Stella Which again gets me away from the tech, the tv, radio etc And the …

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Not a strong point 

Diplomacy is not one of my strong points, I have a habit of wading in, like a bull in a China shop, all guns blazing or however you’d put it.  But then there’s a point at which gunpoint diplomacy must be employed, maybe or could becomes Yes, no or should or must. Sometimes that sharp …

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