My name is Richard and I am a boredom eater 

A break from Work I have been off this week. Quite apart from the obvious 2 or 3 walks with Stella I have noticed I have eaten less than I would have done if I were at work. I’m hoping for a good loss when I step on the scales tomorrow. Why have I eaten …

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Pointer pose

The hardest decision of them all Pure Emotion Reading the post linked above, the pure emotion of the piece, was what made me think it was written so perfectly. It didn’t need pictures, your mind painted a picture for you from cinnamon and sparkles words. Although I have had dogs around me for most of my 45 years. I have …

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Time to declutter 

Declutter my Mind There are 3 good ways I get to declutter my mind the first I’ve discussed before my love of fishing, sitting on the river bank with nothing but a float to concentrate upon. The second is walking my staff bull Stella Which again gets me away from the tech, the tv, radio …

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