Reminiscing and walking around Halstead

Renewed effort Day 1 of my renewed effort to lose my spare tyre, went well completing over 16000 steps and walking around 8 miles in total, one two mile walk which i blogged about yesterday followed by a 5 miler around my home town in Essex, reminiscing and walking around Halstead holds  memories of my …

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the river walk Halstead

Old haunts, but good memories of Halstead Essex

Halstead As a teenager the only way you’d be able to follow the river walk in Halstead, would be with a pair of waders on, but then that’s my memories. My hometown of Halstead so much of the town has changed, Electric motor developments END will soon be another Aldi, hunwicks is an old wreck now …

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St Andrews Chirch Earls Clne

The hottest day of the year to my knowledge in earls colne

After our walk this morning and a little bit of editing, we headed for Earls Colne the home of both my mother and my mother in law. As small village just outside Halstead on the Essex Suffolk border. According to the weather it hit around 27 and tomorrow may break the 30 degrees. But today …

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