A very Staffy merry Christmas 

Hijacked Hey my Friends it’s me Stella, I’ve hijacked his Blog again I must wish you all A Staffy merry Christmas. This Christmas thing Turns out this Christmas thing is quite a lark. You remember all those boxes I told youTurns mum wrapped up in dogs life. Well they’re called presents and mum and the other Human …

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The colour of September 

It really annoys me seeing dog owners with their dog off the lead on a busy main road. 

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Too many plates 

    Hello Again Yes that’s me, hello again. I’ve realised something about myself today that may be a good thing but eqially im not sure what to do about it,  I’ve realised im trying to spin too many plates.  Work  My relationship  Family  My daughter And My own life  I am trying to be …

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The continuing biography of Stella the staffy. A story of unconditional love.

A 9 year Old What is there to Stella? Well she’s an almost 9 year old Staffordshire bull terrier that my fiancee and I have had since she was 4. She was in fact part of my fortieth birthday present from my good lady. Stella would lick you to death rather than bite you. Unlike …

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We are all going on a summer holiday

Summer Holiday We are all going on a summer holiday. Well Lou, my mother in law, Stella and I, Saturday sees us going on a break up to Hemsby. Just north of Great Yarmouth in Norfolk. There is however one thing of note, the planning seems to be a week long, What clothes do you …

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Grey Clouds overhead, literal and proverbially

Sunday is drawing to a close with Grey Clouds in the sky, seagulls a plenty can be seen massing, and you can be pretty certain there’s a storm at sea, and equally sure it’s coming this way. Symbolic reference Strangely I feel the symbolism of the Grey Clouds as I fear something brewing, I’m not …

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the inevitable

Facing the the inevitable death of a senior family member is the hardest thing i have ever done, in 2012 my father died and i know at 81 he had, had a good innings but that does not help Watching death aproach slowly The hardest part was watching him slowly dying, powerless to do anything, …

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