Service dogs in the UK 

Dogs truly are man’s best friend. In the post Assistance Dogs  I detailed the social aspect of how dogs help, in being an aide for people of many walks of life. Including guide dogs for the blind. Service dogs at their best However dogs have more strings to their bow than that: Sniffer dogs can sniff out …

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The Calm before the storm 

Cold November morning It’s 6am on a cool but not cold November morning, Stella and I are out on our usual morning walk of around 30 minutes thru a housing estate and back along part of the Garrison walk. Colchester is beginning to come to life and the people if Colchester have begun their commute …

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The Sky is quiet before the storm 

Work pattern My working week so far has been; Mon 12 hours 15 Tues 8 hours 15 We’d 11 hours 20 Thurs 14 hours 50 I’ve already done 1500 miles whereas my normal average is 1000. It’s currently 6am on Friday morning and The Sky is clear. Before I leave for a trip into the …

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After a long day in London 

London looms After a long day in London, it’s nice to come home to a dog. Waiting for her walk and to get out into the air and slow down and chill. Even though it’s dark and im writing In the light of street lamps. A drawn out unload at Alexandra palace for an exhibition, …

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stopping distances

Be aware of the truck, stopping distances increase

Rant alert  Ok im going to have a but of a rant here but I’m sure it’ll ring true especially on LinkedIn. Car drivers take a look at this Now I drive a 7.5 tonne truck so you can take these distances and probably multiply them up by 15 assuming the average car weighs half …

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Moriarty, the napoleon of Crime

The inspirations behind Moriarty, the Napoleon of crime

It was Scotland yard who first, used the phrase “the napoleon of crime” to describe Adam Worth 1844-1902, a real life criminal mastermind, who did 7 years in prison for robbery, finally caught in Belgium, when a robbery went wrong. Worth was a German born criminal, who under the alias’ of Henry J Raymond and …

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Holmes, you absolute dummy 

On 2 occasions Conan Doyle, has Holmes using a dummy as a decoy first in the adventure of the empty house, in which after revealing he had not died at the Reichenbach falls, Moriarty’s lead henchman, Colonel Sebastian Moran a crack shot, who’s bag of tigers is unmatched, has a high power air rifle capable …

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The longest day, in more ways than one. 

After a 530am start on the longest day 21 June 2017 and yet another visit to the Smoke, ie London, with a visit to Chelsea Barracks which in itself should have been easy, but for her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second involved in the state opening of parliament, which meant that parliament square was shut …

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Just one place…..breaking the rules in My Home country

My Home Country The next in my series Just one place will be England in which I can break my own rule, as it is my home country, therefore I can go anywhere unchecked. I offer London with its many attractions, including the houses of parliament, Westminster Abbey and the Tower. London is also becoming …

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