221b Baker street, Holmes thinks it out 

There are 2 cases that come to mind in which Holmes does not leave 221b baker street and completes the case in his rooms In a case of identity Holmes client relates the story of the man, Hosmah Angel, to whom she is promised. She continues to relate how Angel writes to her via a …

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Thank you, a couple of simple traps employed by Holmes. 

Trap I can think of 2 stories in the canon where Holmes employs simple traps to ensnare his target, The dying detective The adventure of the Mazarin Stone In the dying detective, Holmes knows that Mr Culverton Smith poisoned his nephew, but has no proof, so in a effort to trap Smith, Sherlock Holmes convinces …

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Holmes, you absolute dummy 

On 2 occasions Conan Doyle, has Holmes using a dummy as a decoy first in the adventure of the empty house, in which after revealing he had not died at the Reichenbach falls, Moriarty’s lead henchman, Colonel Sebastian Moran a crack shot, who’s bag of tigers is unmatched, has a high power air rifle capable …

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