Dog friendly Colchester  

Stella wandering loose Ok I want to turn things a little more up beat with my latest post and think about the more dog friendly venues around Colchester. Gosbecks Roman burial ground. A huge ex archaeological dig up near the famous Colchester zoo. Dog walkers and runners and horseriders alike are welcome on this area. …

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We’re Losing Ground, Fridaywoods is under threat

Dog walkers of Fridaywoods, we have a huge problem one that is threatening our access to the beautiful woodlands. That problem is pictured above and in case you haven’t worked it out yet, they’re not Christmas Decorations, They are Poo Bags!!!!!!!! I very much doubt it is the readers of the Facebook Group that you …

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A big juicy Fungi

Walking the wick. Day 2 of my new regime 

My first visit in a while walking the wick, which should be considered a Nature reserve,  with Stella my trusty side kick. It late August and the objections have all been registered, im.told by somebody in the know about these things that the planners will try to do d a way around the objections. It …

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a view over the doomed middlewick ranges

Mission middlewick ranges……the hunt continues 

It’s been a while since my last report from the wick which is a battle ground for the moment between developers who want planning permission for a 1000 homes and those if us, including myself, who want to see it left as it is, with its rich biodiverse environment. I’m on Mersea Rd approaching Wick …

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a lone butterfly

re emergence of Butterflies

Butterflies it seems strange, that i am noticing more butterflies this year, and i wonder why, whats behind their reemergence, this Red Admiral was in a post a week or 2 back, but was one of 2, that were fluttering together, Yesterday i saw 2 cabbage white, which i used to see in abundance in …

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Turning to the Romans for help

Camolodunum to the Romans Colchester, or Camolodunum, as it was known to the Romans is the oldest township in England. With links to the Normans, I maybe wrong as I’m working from memory but the castle dates from Norman times but I digress, stella and I are up and walking a section of the middlewick …

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Colchester walks 

Stella I’ve already introduced you to Stella, well like all dogs, she needs her walks at least twice a day.. Well of course I like to vary it for me as much as her, so I’ll list some of the most popular that I either use or am aware of; Fridaywoods. An array of walks …

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 A Sunday evening stroll

Sunday draws to a close Well the weekend is in its closing hours as Sunday finishes, the sun is shining, as opposed to this morning which wasn’t very promising. There are a handful of clouds in the otherwise perfect sky. So what more excuse do I need to put stella on her lead and head …

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Capitalism will be its own destroyer

Dog walkers of Colchester. We are about to lose a wonderfully diverse walk. If the MOD and Capitalism driven planners get what they want, Middlewick Ranges are under threat. A wonderfully diverse, ecosystem will be gone if we allow the capitalism to win, Middlewick Ranges The Capitalism Greed This local environment, hosts everything from adders …

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why all or nothing

Why All or nothing blog I have been blogging now for almost three years via FromHell and The amateur socio psychologist, this is my third site, but my first self hosted, i blog about anything and everything from adders to zebras, from sociology to psychology, and .  and anything that irritates or inspires me. my current …

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