hoilmes appears to fall with Moriarty in his arms

Professor james Moriarty I made a mistake!

  Moriarty I am Prof James Moriarty And I write these words whilst in pursuit of Mr Sherlock Holmes, I have no Ill will towards his companion Dr Watson, but Holmes has shut me down my organisation cannot avoid being shut down by Scotland yard since I made a small mistake showing Holmes my involvement …

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Sherlock Holmes, the casting couch 

I’ve been thinking about who I would cast in various parts if I were the director or casting manager of a new series of Holmes adventures. And I’ll start oddly with Professor Moriarty, I think there can be only one person who fits the description that lead to the illustrators picture above David Bradley, who …

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Moriarty, the napoleon of Crime

The archest of all arch criminals, Moriarty

Napoleon The “Napoleon” of crime in Sherlock Holmes words. A title given to Professor James Moriarty, a professor of mathematics and the Kingpin of a criminal organisation. Who has the power to locate and where necessary kill contracts undertaken. Indeed in The Valley of fear. He or his cronies who have located Douglas for the …

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Holmes, you absolute dummy 

On 2 occasions Conan Doyle, has Holmes using a dummy as a decoy first in the adventure of the empty house, in which after revealing he had not died at the Reichenbach falls, Moriarty’s lead henchman, Colonel Sebastian Moran a crack shot, who’s bag of tigers is unmatched, has a high power air rifle capable …

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hoilmes appears to fall with Moriarty in his arms

Just one place in Switzerland, and the demise of Sherlock Holmes 

Just one place, the demise of Sherlock Holmes In my 5th of my series of just one place I move to Switzerland, Meirengen to be precise. Fans of Sherlock Holmes the scene of his apparent demise. Reichenback Falls. It is for that reason I should choose these falls as my one place I’d spend 24hrs in, …

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