My name is Richard and I am a boredom eater 

I have been off this week and quite apart from the obvious 2 or 3 walks with Stella I have noticed I have eaten less than I would have done if I were at work and im hoping for a good loss when I step on the scales tomorrow.  Why have I eaten less? I …

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Let’s test yourself 

Having bought some of the most comfortable trainers I have ever warn, from Adidas, they have a soft collar rather than a tongue.  I decided to test myself this morning, my first run for ages, only a total of about a mile, but it felt good although im surprised to have retained a reasinable pace …

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Fasting Day, well i think so  

I started the day in my usual way, white coffee, no sugar.  My packed lunch  2 litres orange and mango diluted of course  1 banana  1 Apple  1 tangerine  1 tub of ham  2 go ahead bars  My dinner a simple plain omelette, 2 eggs.  Well according to my fitness pal I’ve only had 600 …

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Quakers A good start to the day 

All the best nutritionists say “don’t skip breakfast” and that a high fiber breakfast will fill you up until lunchtime

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A pound is a Pound in the right direction adding further steps

Since my new regime started a fortnight ago, my first week stalled even though i feel i did everything i could, but the second week has seen 1Lb 4oz off which is more than a Lb in the right direction,  Strange thing is the second week was more relaxed and my colleague did not put …

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