Clouds and windy start to a Thursday 

Another 5.30 clock on, so I was up at 4.30 and my best mate Stella  needed her walk, being that time it was still dark so I didn’t actually walk along Ramparts lane, we took in part of the garrison walk.  To say it was windy was a definite understatement, not so windy to carry …

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small acorns

Another walk, Stella seriously mate 

So much for winding down, Stella has an upset stomach do we’re out for a walk again. This time going along Berechurch Hall Rd into Mersea Rd and into the back of the woods. Berechurch Hall Rd is still remarkably busy with vans and cars hurrying everywhere, buses too. The grey clouds and the drop …

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The cattle

A drizzly start 

It’s 4.30 am and I’m off to Portsmouth shortly so im.walking Stella who as I’ve said before doesn the like the rain, she picks up speed trying to pull me along behind but that’s equivalent to a moped pulling a range rover. From the puddles in the field it appears to have been raining heavily …

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a lone sparrrow on the wire

Not quite singing in the rain, but nearly

This is how the day started but it has rained since my previous post “a midday meander” almost solidly and I have taken a quiet spell to walk Stella the fuss pot. It’s definitely taken the humidity diwn but it’s also dropped the temperature. The sky is a mixture of dark grey through to white …

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A midday meander with dark clouds over head

Well I knows it’s midday, but it’s not baking hot as it has been, and Stella is disrupting the ambience of the flat with stinky wind. In fact to be quite honest it feels and smells like rain. Apart from those small downsides it peaceful in the woods a crows takes to the sky and …

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The Garrison walk 

It’s 5.45 on another of my 16 days off, and Stella and i are out for an hours exercise. Follow us around the garrison walk. We round the corner and a young tabby cat scarpers, been rumbled raiding a bin bag. Stella and I turn to the right into the opposite estate. The roads are …

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