Inspector Tobias Gregson of Scotland Yard on Holmes

Sherlock Holmes By the time I first worked with Sherlock Holmes I thought I knew everything, i was alreadý pretty set in my ways, but he came along with a way if looking at everything in a new light! It was methodical, slow and painstaking, he would look for footprints and minute detail and his …

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Sidekick of Holmes

Signals and codes from the canon of Sherlock Holmes 

There a four occasions in the Canon of the Holmes stories that I can think of where Codes or signals are employed The hound of the Baskervilles, not only is Barrymore signalling Selden to see if he is there and to let him know there is food on the way, there is also the note …

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Moriarty, the napoleon of Crime

Holmes and the Pinkertons detective agency

The Pinkertons is a Canadian, Western, police procedural,  which features crime cases of the Pinkerton detective agency. , with the Pinkerton detective agency, and features stories based on actual cases from the Pinkerton detective agency archives dating to the 1860s meets Sherlock Holmes in the form of John Douglas in THE VALLEY OF FEAR Athur Conan doyles 4th and final full length Sherlock …

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Rache, is German for Revenge 

There are several links between Holmes cases and the cases of The adventure of the lions mane, where the knowledgeable amongst you will under the killer is a lions mane jellyfish The adventure of the yellow face in which the guest in the house is of the ladies past and is in fact her daughter …

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