Snow is falling thick and Fast

Its sunday morning and Snow is falling Stella and I went out early this morning, and it was raining quite heavily. As i got back to our second floor flat, waiting for Tesco to arrive with our delivery and talking to my fiancee, i noticed that Snow is falling. From my fiancee’s point of view and from …

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We’re Losing Ground, Fridaywoods is under threat

Dog walkers of Fridaywoods, we have a huge problem one that is threatening our access to the beautiful woodlands. That problem is pictured above and in case you haven’t worked it out yet, they’re not Christmas Decorations, They are Poo Bags!!!!!!!! I very much doubt it is the readers of the Facebook Group that you …

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Expected the worse 

Waking up this morning I expected the worst,  Cars frozen over  Icy conditions  Jack Frost nipping at exposed skin  and I dressed for it. 4 layers on my torso including a t shirt, my work shirt and fleece and my hi viz jacket.  But when I stepped out with Stella  I was greeted by a …

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Stella the Staffordshire bull terrier 

Come November the first Stella will be 9 or 63 whichever way you see it. I now I’m slightly biased but she’s doing well, she’s in good shape and (touch wood) has no medical problems apart from having her anal gland emptied 4 to 6 times a year.  She’s lost some of her sustained speed …

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Stella, you’ve a cows chance in Hell

Ok the words Staffordshire Bull terrier combined with cows ahead is something Stella might like the sound of, but not me, first Stella,.you work as a pack and secondly you’re a bitch with not much weight behind you.  So we have, much to Stellas disgust, turned on to a different route, going towards Mersea Rd …

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A pound is a Pound in the right direction adding further steps

Since my new regime started a fortnight ago, my first week stalled even though i feel i did everything i could, but the second week has seen 1Lb 4oz off which is more than a Lb in the right direction,  Strange thing is the second week was more relaxed and my colleague did not put …

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The continuing biography of Stella the staffy. A story of unconditional love.

What is there to Stella well she’s an almost 9 year old Staffordshire bull terrier that my fiancee and I have had since she was 4, She was in fact part of my fortieth birthday present from my good lady. Stella would lick you to death rather than bite you, and unlike a lot of …

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