Stella, you’ve a cows chance in Hell

Ok the words Staffordshire Bull terrier combined with cows ahead is something Stella might like the sound of, but not me, first Stella,.you work as a pack and secondly you’re a bitch with not much weight behind you.  So we have, much to Stellas disgust, turned on to a different route, going towards Mersea Rd …

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A big juicy Fungi

Walking the wick. Day 2 of my new regime 

My first visit in a while walking the wick, which should be considered a Nature reserve,  with Stella my trusty side kick. It late August and the objections have all been registered, im.told by somebody in the know about these things that the planners will try to do d a way around the objections. It …

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Reminiscing and walking around Halstead

Day 1 of my renewed effort to lose my spare tyre, went well completing over 16000 steps and walking around 8 miles in total, one two mile walk which i blogged about yesterday followed by a 5 miler around my home town in Essex, reminiscing and walking around Halstead holds  memories of my youth and …

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small acorns

Another walk, Stella seriously mate 

So much for winding down, Stella has an upset stomach do we’re out for a walk again. This time going along Berechurch Hall Rd into Mersea Rd and into the back of the woods. Berechurch Hall Rd is still remarkably busy with vans and cars hurrying everywhere, buses too. The grey clouds and the drop …

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A waiting crow

The woods are buzz of activity 

Stella and I are out for our evening walk, the sun is losing its heat, but There is birdsong this evening, aswell as the buzz of a few bumble bees. Magpie seem to be arguing ahead of us in the tree line, and Stella wanders slowly but slightly ahead of me. The oaks and evergreen …

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a lone butterfly

The continuing Saga of the Hound called Stella

The Continuing saga of the hound called Stella goes like this, Stella has not had the most successful history as a guard dog, when left guarding my truck as i delivered a load of potatoes to a chip shop a few years back, she allowed a thief to take a bill fold full of money, …

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We are all going on a summer holiday

We are all going on a summer holiday, well Lou, my mother in law, Stella and I, Saturday sees us going on a break up to Hemsby, just North of Great Yarmouth Norfolk. There is however one thing of note, the planning seems to be a week long, what clothes do you want to pack, …

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Walking to relax

apart from fishing, walking is one of my favourite activities, i am lucky to live in the rural part of Essex, where as i have detailed before, i can be in the urban sprawl of Colchester or my hometown of Halstead, and the next you can be in the countryside, by a flowing stream or …

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