My name is Richard and I am a boredom eater 

I have been off this week and quite apart from the obvious 2 or 3 walks with Stella I have noticed I have eaten less than I would have done if I were at work and im hoping for a good loss when I step on the scales tomorrow.  Why have I eaten less? I …

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Motivational thoughts 

I have been thinking about motivatìn a lot lately;  How do I keep things going when I’m demoralised  How do I keep myself motivated in general and other equally big questions  Well I like to mix things up, as many of my readers know I walk a lot, mainly with My dog,  Stella and I …

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Stella at her mischevious best

Why i started my Blog amongst other things

Someone close to me, asked me why i started my  blog, when she discovered my activity, well i decided to answer this way, I started to blog because i struggle to talk about my feelings, and someone suggested that writing them down would help, after losing my father in 2012. so i began early …

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