The drawback of living on the edge of a wood 

The are plenty of positives to living on the edge of Fridaywoods but this beautiful owl lived up to its name, the screech owl, was practicing last night around midnight.  I’ll defer to those more knowledgeable than I to tell us more about the screech owl and invite them to comment below please?  There was …

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A big juicy Fungi

Walking the wick. Day 2 of my new regime 

My first visit in a while walking the wick, which should be considered a Nature reserve,  with Stella my trusty side kick. It late August and the objections have all been registered, im.told by somebody in the know about these things that the planners will try to do d a way around the objections. It …

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The Blog evolves as we learn 

I note looking at the analytics of my most popular posts are my series, just one place in, in which I detail some of the places I’d visit in each country if it were the only place in that country I were allowed to visit, or my meagre research into Sir Arthur Conan Doyle …

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small acorns

Another walk, Stella seriously mate 

So much for winding down, Stella has an upset stomach do we’re out for a walk again. This time going along Berechurch Hall Rd into Mersea Rd and into the back of the woods. Berechurch Hall Rd is still remarkably busy with vans and cars hurrying everywhere, buses too. The grey clouds and the drop …

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A misty morn 

It’s 4.20am and I’m out with Stella before I start my working day which will see me twice into the capital.  But this was the view on entering the field a heavy mist making for an eerie scene but oh so cool before the predicted overwhelming heat of the day arrived.  Stella is off cantering …

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A waiting crow

The woods are buzz of activity 

Stella and I are out for our evening walk, the sun is losing its heat, but There is birdsong this evening, aswell as the buzz of a few bumble bees. Magpie seem to be arguing ahead of us in the tree line, and Stella wanders slowly but slightly ahead of me. The oaks and evergreen …

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stella getting a little to hot

A wander in the woods 

Well it’s back to work tomorrow,  4am start, so why does the last day drag when the first 15 feel like they shot by at the speed of sound, the day and a fortnight off close with a wander in the woods with Stella. The sun is hot still and it’s 530pm and there’s no …

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a lone butterfly

The continuing Saga of the Hound called Stella

The Continuing saga of the hound called Stella goes like this, Stella has not had the most successful history as a guard dog, when left guarding my truck as i delivered a load of potatoes to a chip shop a few years back, she allowed a thief to take a bill fold full of money, …

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If a tree falls but no ones around 

This old Oak was felled by the storm in February 2017, yet she has fresh green growth along her length.  I wonder if we were to direct her trunk how old she would be, it is, I believe still a measure of aging, to count a trees rings. I would say with little doubt we’d …

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Winding down 

What better way to wind down, after a long day at work, albeit 8pm, than a walk in the woods with Stella.  It’ll complete my 10000 steps per day and help me relax before my dinner and my slumber. I’ll informed I know to retire to bed on top of a meal.  I am, I …

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